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 “The Joint Kitchen: A Handbook for Orthopaedic Inventors and Fraidy Cats Facing a Knee or Hip Replacement” distinctly illustrates one man’s creative process for developing mechanicals for injured or worn out hips and knees. The most unique element of this book is how Dr. Michael David Ries goes about his process of invention. By demonstrating ways to accomplish “creative thinking through common tasks,” the author is sure to influence other pioneers. I would recommend this book to any natural “da Vinci” type who yearns to see his or her ideas come to fruition. It might also be informative for those wondering about their own body mechanics – especially if that person is considering replacement surgery.” – Reader Views

“The Joint Kitchen by Michael Ries is a book like none other on the creative process that blends knowledge and unfocused thought leading to “outside the box” medical inventions. Dr. Ries goes beyond explaining his thought process of discovery to a description of the “silent zone,” that ushers in the alchemy of the “Eureka” moment. Invention after invention pour out of his ability to see shapes in common objects, their natural utility and his brain’s own sense of itself. His opening up to his “silent zone” is an exact description of our brain’s ability to drop into the recently discovered Default Mode Network, where many believe the deepest parts of our true sense of Self exists. This critical process is centrally involved in all creative endeavors.”
Michael H. Moskowitz, MD, MPH, Bay Area Pain Medical Associates Neuroplastic Partners, LLC